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The Pro-Taggers

Post by Agzarah » March 13th, 2015, 11:28 am

On Wednesday we had our first collaboration raid with a local guild, Progens. and it went pretty well.
While it wasnt perhaps as fast as they were used to raiding, due to only 2 of us actually knowing the fights, we still managed to clear 7 bosses in the one night with very few wipes

As Progens dont raid on Thursdays, we hosted our own Heroic HM event, to which a few of them joined in with us along with our resident Nephilim Kaatil, and we managed to make some headway in there too, Clearing the first 4 with ease, and having a 20k wipe on Twins. the loot gods seemed to be on our side tonight as nothing was sharded, dishing out lots of epics and shiny warforged gear to both sets of guildies

With two raids down so far in a great atmosphere this looks like it could be the start of some serious progression for both of us.
Sunday is looking all set (Aside from myself and Bas) to kill at least the next two in BRF and have some solid attempts if not a full clear on Blackhand. I Shall be back for Monday when there is word of maybe even trying some heroic content - for those willing to partake in a 4th raid of the week

As a heads up - Our schedule remains (for now atleast)
Wed, Thurs and Sunday - 2100-0000 Server Time

and Progens raiding Wed, Sun and Monday - 2000-2200 Server time

Due to the nature of flex, if 2000 is too early due to work or other commitments, then fear not as joining in later is more than acceptable - and likewise should you want to leave sooner rather than later.

As for joining up, we are going to try and focus for the Wed and Sunday raids, and should you (or they) wish to join in either thursday and/or Monday that too is perfectly fine.
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Re: The Pro-Taggers

Post by Bas » March 14th, 2015, 1:17 am

After chatting with them again today, I can happily tell you that all of their members enjoyed having us as company and as far as I can tell the feeling is mutual.

I think both of the guilds would like to continue the same way as we did last Wednesday and move towards heroic kills soon. However, there are some issues in both of our raiding teams, and I'm sorry if I sound harsh;

- Don't care about the reason, but if some people are under-performing due to lag, lack of gear or not enough knowledge about a fight during progression, but we might have to bench you for that fight.Don't take it as an offense, we're more than happy to improve you.
- Please sign accordingly to invites. Again, both guilds, we expected to have ~17-20 people in, but we ended up with 25+ at some point and swapping raiders around which is very confusing for whoever is leading the raid.
- Thursday's will still be "our" raiding night where we can kill any missed bosses and gear up people in HM HC, a bunch of the Progens members are happy to help us out here as well.
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Re: The Pro-Taggers

Post by Paul » March 15th, 2015, 11:24 am

Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship!

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