Still going Strong

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Still going Strong

Post by Agzarah » January 10th, 2014, 11:39 am

Despite the recent departure of one of our Main Tanks, we are still manageing to get good runs on the go!
immersius is still proving to be a problem for some reason and a 2nd kill is proving difficult, but Heroic Nuroshen has now taken his place and has been defeated by us twice brinign us to 2/14 and Server 13th (10man) after this kill we stuck to normal mode with the aims of getting a full clear on Sunday - and we managed a respectable 7/14 during the last hour. Our next heroic goal is either going to be Sha of Pacman or Galakras.

This week Our thursday flex team consisted of fewer of our geared raiders than usual - coupled with Bas and myself tanking we managed an excellent 9 bosses!
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