Some new Things... Twice

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Some new Things... Twice

Post by Agzarah » October 21st, 2013, 10:23 am

Wednesday:- We started the weeks raiding events on Normal mode and we very swifly killed the first 5 bosses, including the trouble some Galakas. This allowed us our first look at Normal mode the Iron Skorpion Thing. After a bit of preperation and wiping we had a couple of decent tries and ended on a really good 30% wipe - Only died due to a sneaky bomb we all missed! - Although we wiped it was a high finish and gave us good hopes for future attempts.

Next on our schedule was Thursday (odly enough!) and as usual we Flexed it out.
We were a little short on signs so had to bring in a couple of pugs and also gave Rob and Marchelle their first welcome back to Dottager raiding.
Despite having a weaker than usual team we managed to get the first 4 down with few problems and then a slight re-shuffule for Flex part 2 and also managed to Galakas fairly quickly and moved onto Skorpion King and further. We Even got our first kill of Dark Shamans and a new look at General Whatsists. Even with our weaker team we managed some good tries and ended with a low % wipe (10-30 i believe)

Two good nights in a row and Sunday was looking good as the next big event on the calander.
Starting where we left off with normal on Skoprion King we quickly jumped into Raiding mode and slew him dead in only 2 attempts for a new Guild First (pictures to come). We then marched on proudly to the Dark Shamans Normal and wiped several times at 30% each time adjusting the strategy and making it easy to get to our wiping spot time and time again. After an hour or so it all began to come together for the last 30 and we managed a 2nd guild first for the night!

After the Shamans we had some messy trash, silly pulls and lots of burning corpses thanks to a couple of nasty catapaults but we scrambled past those and made our way down to General Whatsists. Making use of our earlier attempts on Flex we had a good idea of what we were up against and with only 20 mins left on the clock pulled out a couple of fantastic tries and wiped at 10%. With a quick After raid analysis we decided that 3 healers was far too many for the general and will no doubtedly go back with only 2 and hopefully net us another guild first.

On Other Notes Gratz to Bas who finally joined the Legendary Cape club
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Re: Some new Things... Twice

Post by Thorwen » October 21st, 2013, 11:06 am

Grats to all raiders for the new kills.
Grats to my brother and me for the first guild raid in a long time
Grats to Bas for his cape.

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Re: Some new Things... Twice

Post by Prat » October 21st, 2013, 4:40 pm

Nicely done y'all. Momma's proud

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