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Throne of Thunder Progress

Post by Agzarah » April 12th, 2013, 10:32 am

So... as usual we've been struggling to make a full raid team, even on our 'busy' wednesday we had to pug a Disc priest and Hunter in order to venture back into ToT.
Unlike most pugs, these guys knew what they were doing and helped us get our first kill of horridon (only 2-3 attempts i believe) and then astonishgly, only a few tries later we also killed the Council of Elders brining our total from a sad 1/12 upto a promising 3/12! (all we need to do now is actually finish of T14 to get a real progress report on Guildox etc (Damn you Empress Gary))

Last night, with only 3 sign ups we decided to call it quits and join up with Dutch inc for a fast MSV valor run... come 9pm we had a few more sign ups, and both the hunter and priest willing to help again, so we borrowed a couple of people from Dutch inc, combined forces and wandered back into ToT for about 90 mins of Pinball... (atleast thats how it felt as a range)

While it was getting late, and we didnt have the ideal group we made good progress on tortus getting him down fairly regularly to 40-50%
With a better setup of healers (two discs arent the best combination) and some range who can dps heavily while moving and we should have this guy down too!

Hopefully on sunday we can put what we learnt to the test, Complete the pinball table and begin work on the 5th boss!!!
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