New Patch Raid Night

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New Patch Raid Night

Post by Agzarah » August 30th, 2012, 9:59 am

As you all probably know, the new big 5.0.4 patch hit our realms yesterday, unusually things felt pretty darn smooth, instance servers were running game didnt seem to buggy and raiding was workable :) (once addons were updated/removed that is)

one big bummer over this patch is the loss of mass summon! summon stones arent too bad, when they are close by... but for Caverns of time its just a royal pain in the arse. If anyone wants to swap out, reforge or collect new gear it can take a long time to get on the move again... perhaps this is blizz's way of making warlocks look more attractive to raid teams. That being said although initial travel time has increased, the good old fashioned wipe run has been improved, as the entrance portal now takes you to the last 'check point' of the raid you reached instead of the enterance. - not sure how this would work with raids like Firelands with only one internal portal, but for DS it works well.

anyway, all that asside we managed to get a raid going and make our way to the stone, summon and find the instance! (new CoT map is a nice addition too :p)

So Trash is dead, now onto the bosses...
In True dots style, we did everything differently to other guilds! The harder bosses that we struggle with went down in 1 shots.. the easy ones like morchock and ultraxion... well the less said the better, all we need to know is they died :)

Anywho... A good first night of patch day raiding, people gettin used to their news skills and finding out which talents work well where and when and boss mods failing to work.

Hopefully Tonight we can make a nice full dots clear of Warmaster Spine and maybe even a guild first of Madness...
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