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A Good Week for all :)

Posted: August 8th, 2012, 11:56 pm
by Agzarah
Has been a Great 8 days of raiding.

Starting off with some oldschool BoT with 2 heroics. It may be old, but for the only Truely unerfed content left tactics play a HUGE role or you do wipe
Following on with a quick smooth 3/8hc DS clear on the Thursday (with some very nice tries at warmaster Hc)
and finished off with a 6/7 Heroic Firelands clear over a couple of days

Which leads us on to tonight
5 Bosses, 4 Heroics!
Its been a long time coming, but for our first real night of wiping progression we found what worked for us and where to put people and we finally got a kill on Heroic Zon'Ozz - and a clean kill at that!
Gratz to all the many winners of loot - as for a change they werent shards!

Tomorrow we plan on finishing off what we started with warmaster a few days ago and see if we can turn that into a 2nd new DShc kill for us
if theres time, maybe even a play at Heroic Spine/DW

No Raids as of yet planned for Sunday, but a FL HC/Achievement run is up for Monday