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~And then there were 3

Postby Agzarah » November 7th, 2013, 11:32 pm

Over the last couple of fastastic weeks we have whittled down Garrosh's forces until only the last three remain!.
Each and every week we have managed to kill at least one new boss, and Tonight was no exception. After a few tries we pretty much sorted out exactly what needed doing, and then a little over an hour into the night Thok the Blood Thirsty met his demise brining our total to 11 kills - Server 19th 10man.
Considering that since the Tiers release we have only put 6 hours a week into normal progression, this is Outstanding results!

Roll on sunday for some more tries and hopefully a kill on Blackfuse Siegecrafter!

images to come soon (I promise)
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