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View the latest post A Good Week for all :)

Has been a Great 8 days of raiding.

Starting off with some oldschool BoT with 2 heroics. It may be old, but for the only Truely unerfed content left tactics play a HUGE role or you do wipe
Following on with a quick smooth 3/8hc DS clear...

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View the latest post Two raids in a week!

that right guys! we managed 2 successful raids in a week! looks like we might finally be back on track again
gratz to all those that won some loot today, there were a few nice upgrades instead of shards for a change!

Lets see if we can...

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View the latest post Ultraxion Hc

After many nights of practising and a few very low wipes we finally got the kill
(with a helping 5% nerf, but i doubt we really needed it)

Good job everyone

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Dragonwrath, Taracgocas's Rest

1, 2

Need i say more?


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View the latest post Attachment(s) Lets go Heroic!

it took a while... a lot of long long nights of wipes, each week getting closer and closer,
and tonight was no exception!
With many 2-5% wipes it was impossible to stop trying, and at midnight UK time (thereabouts) deathwing was finaly beaten!

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