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View the latest post Raiding and Recruiting

Again, been a little while since I remember how to post things here...

after a great night of raiding and learning we have finally beaten Elegon and getting me a nice new weapon in the process
Moving on from him we had about 5 attempts...

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View the latest post Attachment(s) New News :)

Been a bit of a while since we had a news post [Slack Agz, I know :(]

So.. Panda land has hit, people have levelled, and we have killed a raid boss....
That's right, first week of the new tier of raiding and we have already killed the first...

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View the latest post Madness of Deathwing - Heroic

*Death Wing is DEAD*

Thanks to some help from Smecta we learnt pretty much all of the Heroic Madness fight!

once we got the routine nailed we made it to the 4th platfrom almsot every try. cleanly and smoothly at that too!

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View the latest post New Patch Raid Night

As you all probably know, the new big 5.0.4 patch hit our realms yesterday, unusually things felt pretty darn smooth, instance servers were running game didnt seem to buggy and raiding was workable :) (once addons were updated/removed that is)

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View the latest post 2 Weeks, *3* New Heroics!

Well done to everyone!
with a full guild group we managed to match last weeks perfomance of killing Zon'Ozz and better it by learning and finishing off Heroic Hagara. World of Logs if anyones interested

Lets see what the following few raids have...

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