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Well, Mists of Pandaria is pretty much over now and its been a tough one
From the very start this expansion we as a guild have had a somewhat tough time. We finished Cataclysm in a very strong place with a solid raiding team heading into the new world and all was looking good for us. Then out of nowhere we seemed to lose half of our dps and every other raid we missed either a tank or a healer. Times were tough and at one point even I had an Alt helping our main squad progress! that right, ME with an ALT, RAIDING... that's how bad it was

Things weren't looked great and we didn't even manage to clear all of the opening content. MSV was complete and pretty much on farm, but HoF was causing problems in the forms of Amber shaper and Grand Empress Gary and ToeS didn't even get a looking.

Along came ToT. As with the first Tier we alternated Tanks almost daily and got well and truly stuck on the 2nd Boss, Horridon.
What felt like an eternity passed and horridon was still standing and was showing no signs of sitting down, let alone dying. then BOOM one day he died. Seeing us get our kill blizz decided to take action and nerf the pants off of him, and then again 3 more times. (I guess they wanted to make sure we got past him consistently)
With the fall of this giant dinosaur we managed to hold onto a couple of tanks and rotate between only 3 (not twelve) but instead lost most of our healers. We managed a couple more kills and each week bashed out a new boss or two in some cases, even if tortos was still causing many silly wipes all the time. Eventually our healers returned and despite our very slow start we managed to pull through and kill Lei Shen and earn our selves the Ahead of the Curve achievement! We tried our hand at some heroics but due to our slow start SoO was hot on our heals and didn't leave much time at all for practise.

Bring on the Siege. Our main team was back and we were strong and looking solid, bosses were dying and we looked invincible again. We had a few headaches along the way but once they fell, they continued to just lie down for us. Then as to be expected by now we lost our MT and we were back to square one of cycling through twelve alts in order to get a full team and then as usual our healers fell due to sickness and other RL commitments. All was looking bleak and Garrosh was all that was left.
After sometime we finally got our team back together and we blaster through and nailed the bugger earning our second Ahead of the Curve for the expansion and opening heroics.

And then summer happened

While it may look and sound like a disaster of an expansion, and it is true that our raiding team was plagued with Pc problems/illness/work commitments and some people leaving we still managed to clear the final two tiers of the expansion in their entirety before the nerfs were dealt and the majority of the first - And that is something to be proud of!
Just imagine what we can do with a full team in Warlords of Draenor!

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