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View the latest post 5.2 Goodness

With a new patch comes new content and new challenges.

With our first week into the new raid content we managed to work out the tactics and get the frist boss down - turns out 3 healing was the way key for us!
On the Second week, we took our knowledge of the Power of 3 with us into battle and 1 shot the first bugger, only to discover the next boss was Horridon... And Horrible he was!
Lots of Doors, Lots of Adds and lots of nasty failed interupts.
As the night went on progress was slowly made and over all we manage to pretty much nail the first two doors and being work on the third! unfortunately it was getting late by this point and we all wanted our beds!

On a side note - Kayhless who has helped us out in the past, is actually the GM of their guild (dutch inc) and over the last few weeks i have been helping them out in Toes (which is 'easy' btw), and they us in some of our raids, Hopefully we will be able to share resources and get some form of helping out alliance on the way so neither of need to PuG shortages

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