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For the first time in a while, we've had quite a sucessful first two days of Raiding.

Wednesday started a little bit later than planned and after a few hiccups with people selection we got our team on the way and made swift killings on both Jin'Rokh and Horridon - we decided to stick with our previous weeks success of two healing and it worked like a charm - next was the council. Well, it turns out i SUCK at moving out of sand - going with only two healers and me dieing withing the first few minutes every try made this a bit of a nightmare.
Eventually i worked out how to move forwards and get my feet out of the sandpits and we slew the council dead to end our night!

This leads us onto thursday, where for once we had more than just charli and myself, we actually had enough for an entire raid team (with the help of two pugs and a newly recruited michael bear)
After a couple of messy 95% wipes on Tortos we quickly remembered how to play and got a few low 30% wipes before finishing him off too for the first time :) Go dotts!

Next on the roster was Magera, so straight away we faught to the bitter end and right off the bat was getting to the penultimate head for a 20%wipe! A few more of these and we made slow progress, but progress none the less! Eventually we got to the final head but a wall of frost was in our way, so we all fell over (its slippery you know!) fort he final try of the night we tried going with 4 healers, which despite losing the top dps seemed to make no difference what so ever to teh speed, jsut mae healing MUCH easier. Straight down the the final head, survived the evil enslought the follows and then KAPOW! we all get hit with nasty snake head breath! - Chvi forgot to pick up the 2nd boss and we wiped at 10% or so!

Roll on Sunday for a Magera kill and see what awaits us after!

*And as ive just realised - we now have some guildies who have cleared hoF 6/6 so we can go into toes one night for a clear :p*

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