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This week we have finally managed to down the hydra Magera in Throne of Thunder!
It was a long night, and our pug healer had a nack for choosing 'safe spots' right in the path of the breath and dieing... Eventually, all came to plan and we got the kill shortly after 11 night
Next on the Hit-List is Ji-Kun, the birdy boss thing! - From what i have been hearing, this is a relative breeze after Magera so hopefully it wont be too long before we down this too and move onto the 2nd Half of ToT!

In other news, since we recruited the few remaining member of Dutch inc, our Guildox (and other sources) progress has increased. Thanks to one night when myself, Tom, Juliet and Charli joined them on a 3/4 toes clear, the armouries have decteted that 7 of us (all now dottagers) were present and classed it as a guild kill :) - This means we are no longer falsly ranked at realm 46th but much closer to our actual ToT position of 25th. - all that remains for a split full clear is Grand Empress Gary, and Sha himself. - Obviously as a guild the dotts still havnt cleared any of ToeS, but we dont need to tell the ranking systems :p

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